A fresh look on performance

Today’s users and customers expect snappy and well performing applications and websites. This is increasingly supported by newer and more powerful technology. There are more capabilities, but that doesn't mean performance is easy to achieve.

Albert Witteveen from Pluton has a proven track record in helping to solve performance issues and even better, prevent performance issues in the test phase. He combines operational experience in high performance hosting with more than a decade of work in test teams. Experience he shares by speaking at conferences (Eurostar, Testnet, Dutch testing days, Splunk Live) and by his book on performance testing available from Amazon.

Call Pluton if you want a new and fresh look on any performance issues you are facing. You may have an excellent team already. What we offer is a fresh look, a sounding board and possibly some insights from his experience. Sometimes all it takes is to refresh your approach is by just discussing with a like minded techy.

Don't expect thick documents, trademarked methods and a glossy brochure. And don't expect someone to take over the activities of your team. Expect someone that can work with your staff and speak their language. A fresh look means some visits, workshops and technical deep dives. Afterwards he will remain available for help and questions. Whether it is on load testing software and test approaches, or on TCP/IP tuning in the OS, Java heap analysis, reverse proxies and spoon feeding or even the possibility that you may have to look at your virtualization platform or storage.

Considering his years working as program test manager you can also rest assured that he can translate the findings to management and explain what can help to either improve performance or stop doing what doesn't yield results anymore.

A fresh look is a small investment that may point you and your team in the direction to solve long standing issues.

Check out his linkedin page at https://nl.linkedin.com/in/albertwitteveen You will find information there as well on his talks at conferences and a link to the book he has written on performance testing.