The people of Pluton

Ning Sun, Software Tester at Pluton IT

Graduated in the fall of 2007, Ning had her study on Telecommunications with a broadened thesis topic on Bio-informatics. During intensive practice on mathematical modeling and software simulation, she developed keen fingers for data-mining and various programming skills. Fascinated by a course on Product Life Cycle and an Integration Design Project, she had a wish to observe the theory of the "V-model" in real life, which was made possible by Pluton.

Pluton gives a broad stage for Ning to develop her personal career. As a junior tester, she learned the basic definitions, principles and methods of Software Testing and obtained ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certificate. She practiced testing on Pluton's internal website, which further branched her knowledge into open source web design. For 3 months she was working with her colleagues from Procolix and Oqapi in a friendly and inspiring working environment. In this office, colleagues are real friends in their personal lives, supporting and encouraging each other in many ways.

In April 2008 Ning was outsourced as a test analyst in TMNL Nederland B.V. Before she started, Albert (owner of Pluton) gave her two pieces of advice, which really established the root of a right attitude of being a outsourced software tester: "Do not be afraid in this new environment - for Pluton will backup your professional background" and "Do be honest - for that makes a tester work for the good of the product". To this point Ning really appreciated Pluton's professional working ethics and people-oriented leadership.

Working at the client gives a great deal of insight and experience on production software testing. Ning now works on integration test to fulfill a small chain on the Product Life Cycle, and at the mean time she observes (and interacts with!) other departments working together to fulfill the big "V-model", which truly challenges and satisfies her intellect. And of course, a successful release of software with positive user feedback always satisfies her heart. The working environment at the client is also friendly and delightful. On the regular meetings with Albert, she is free to express all of these, and then talk about which specific direction to go further as a tester. There are so many possibilities and things to learn for her, and Ning's current goal is to become a more competent tester, a true test expert.

Albert Witteveen: Owner and Test Manager

In 1995 Albert started his career in IT.  In 2000 he founded ProcoliX with two friends. At ProcoliX he helped develop the high available hosting solutions of ProcoliX with Unix veteran Koen de Jonge as well as continued his activities as a professional tester.
The technical experience gained in ProcoliX datacenter, combined with the experience as a tester let him to become more and more involved in testing in technical complex situations.
In 2006 ProcoliX split up in three companies, with each partner pursuing his own specialty. For Albert that meant founding Pluton IT, where the focus is on software testing by technical experienced and/or talented people.
Albert still daily helps clients with testing as a test manager. The experience in the data center is used within leading test teams that focus on load- and stress testing.
His basic philosphy for the company is that he wants to work with kindred spirits. That means working with 'techies' that are talented, quick learners and able to be creative in coming up with answers that really help the customer.